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Author: Wayne Sobey  

Why buy your fencing products, Rubber matting, Drinkers & Feeders products from Amacron Solutions?

We endevour to give all our clients not only the best buying experiance possible, but also the best value for money. At Amacron we pride ourselves with always innovating to come up with the safest possible solution to keep your animals safe and healthy.

Our key advantages are

 - Personal advice and service- If you have any questions, feel free to email, call or see if we are online to answer you on our store chat. We have had a lot of experience with many       situations and can always try guide you to the best solution for you even if budgets are restrictive, however we only reccomend quality and lasting solutions.

- Same day dispatch if ordered by midday. As we hold large stocks and continually manufacture to keep our stock levels at a level so we don't dissapoint clients, however some items     can only be made custom to order so in these cases we can alway estimate lead times.

- Excellent value for money- Price is not our target factor, it is about what you get for you money. We aim to supply products that you will love and talk about for years to come, we do not promote cheap price driven products that generally have a short or limited life and which are usually problematic or unsafe to use with animals, particularly horses, not the solution you are after and not something we would call a solution!

- Long life products- who wants the trouble of installing a product that you have to pull down an re-install in a year or two's time, never mind 6 months time. All our products are therefore made from the best raw materials, engineered to have the correct amount of UV stabilisers to be able to withstand the harsh Australian sun. When it comes to life of product, we never cut corners and yet we always look of ways of further improving our alread great products.

- Reliable products that correctly installed will give you peace of mind. Our products are designed with relliability in mind and this is because we understand the need for you to have peace of mind your animals are safe and that you have done your best for them. Using our products you can sleep at night without that nigling concern for you animals safety.

- We stand by our product and their Quality - There are so many products out there with 30, 50 and lifetime guarantees, what's it all mean? A guarantee is only as good as it's wording and only as good as the people and company backing the products. Read some guarantees and the first paragraph seems almost unbelievable and that is usually when we stop reading. If you continue you find all the loophole that excuse the suppliers from actually standing by their claimed guarantees. Where we differ, we claim realistic life spans based on accelerated tesing or actual time in the field, we are always looking to increase this and if something happens to go wrong and it is clearly the product at fault, our teem will do everything to make sure you become once again more than happy with our products. If it is an installation fault, we also don't just walk away and point the finger, we assist you to find a solution so the fault does not happen again.

- We learn and innovate through customer feedback, good or bad.

-We live the belief, things can always be improved or done better.

- Rubber matting is not your standard matting 100% pure natural rubber, ensuring non slip particularly when wet.

- Drinkers and feeders are designed for strength and reliability, but most of all for the safest smoothest finish.


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