About Us

Amacron Solutions and All Terrain Innovations is a family-owned, Australian business committed to providing superior quality products and excelling in service to the Equine, Cattle, Environmental & Coastal protection industries. 

Amacron Solutions is dedicated to supplying and continuing to develop the safest possible solution for fencing horses but also for the protection of indigenous fauna and indeed flora. We understand that fencing for horses is a common cause of injury and loss of life to horses and also a cause of injury and death to bird life in particular those which fly in the wind currents in coastal areas. Our intent is to reduce this risk and provide a safer solution for these valuable animals as well as to protect the environment they live in. 

We focus on providing SAFETY AND COMFORT for horses, cattle and other livestock, therefore also supply stable rubber matting, cattle feedlot matting, drinkers and feeders amongst other products. 

We offer a reliable delivery service on all of our products and ship Australia wide. 

We are situated in Kerang, Victoria - which is situated about 300km from Melbourne. 

At Amacron Solutions and All Terrain Innovations we pride ourselves in four characteristics : CARE - PROTECTION - HONESTY - DILIGENCE. 
We genuinely CARE about our customer and his/her interest. 

We provide PROTECTION for horses, cattle, native wildlife and the environment and particularly dune protection. 

HONESTY and DILIGENCE are our guiding principles, you can always rely on Amacron doing the best possible for you. 

Most important, we live to INNOVATE and introduce complete solutions in all areas of our market. 

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